Featured Cocktails

Featured Cocktails: Hung Over From The April Ivy City Gin Happy Hour

GnT, Of Course!
Ivy City Gin, lemongrass-pandanus tonic

Operation Ivy
Ivy City gin, hibiscus, St. Germain, sparkling wine

Tale of Two Cities
Ivy City Gin, Dolin dry, Cynar, luxardo maraschino


BONUS Beverages

Classic Hand Stirred | Gin Martinis
Create your own unique martini with the Gin Joint's line of vermouth
Noilly Prat (classic)
Dolin (light)
Ransom (medium)
Yzaguirre (medium to full)
Del Professor (full)

Also, "Gin joint variations," a take on classic cocktails such as Sazerac, Gimlet, Daiquiri, Manhattan etc.