30 years serving Washingtonians scrumptious contemporary American cuisine…and still cookin’….
Described by founder/owner Amarjeet (“Umbi”) Singh as “a showcase for young, creative chefs,” New Heights was destined to become DC’s vanguard for classically-inspired, contemporary American cuisine.  Singh thinks of his kitchen as an incubator for promising chefs who have lived up to, if not exceeded, their promise.  To name a few: Alison Swope, Melissa Ballinger, Gregory Hill, Cathal Armstrong, Matthew Lake, R.J. Cooper, John Wabek, Logan Cox, Ron Tanaka and now Takeshi Nishikawa.

It takes talented people to build an environment in which other talented people can flourish.  Fifteen recognized artisans and craftspeople put their imagination and sweat in to the design and build out of New Heights, among them architect Thomas Manion, woodworkers Robert Kowalski and Lorna Seacrest.  Look around the interior and admire the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass partitions, the Arts & Crafts railings and the stunning simplicity of the Green & Green wood detail. 

This stylish, timeless decor was guided by the same provenance that drives New Heights’ culinary concept: innovation grounded in prevailing traditions.  A good way to go for the next 30 years!!

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, lead-glass partitions adorn the dining room.