Couldn't Get Sweeter Than This! "The drinking is as good as the eating thanks of the best gin selections anywhere."

Washingtonian 2011 Restaurant Guide
"The Areas 100 Very Best Places To Eat"

The Gin Joint Gin Locker

House Made Tonics
Spiced Citrus Mint
Cranberry Jalapeno
Blood Orange– Saffron
Ginger– Cumin
Hiiscus Huckleberry
New Heights Tonic

Bottled Tonics
Fever Tree Indian
Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

Beefeater (ENG)- classic London dry gin
Bluecoat (PA)- batch distilled, American citrus peel
Broker’s (ENG)- juniper and lemon peel
Crater Lake (OR) - bold and bright juniper.
Jensen (ENG)- dry, smooth with character
New Amsterdam (NED)- subtle blueberry notes
Old Raj (SCT)- juniper, citrus, and saffron
Plymouth (UK)- very dry gin of its very own class
Sipsmith (UK)- classic dry, lemon, grapefruit
St. George Terrior (CA)- Douglas fir, sage
Tanqueray (UK)- lime, pine, juniper
Tru Organic (CA)- bold, true brownish color50 Pounds (ENG)- Black pepper, cardamom, lemon
Aviation (OR)- lavender, cardamom, sarsaparilla
Breukelen Glorious (NY)- rosemary, ginger, grapefruit
Cold River (ME)- cardamom, herbal, fresh cut cedar
Edinburgh (SCT)- milk thistle, pine, heather
G-Vine Floraison (FRA)- cardamom, ginger
Leopold’s Navy Stength (CO)- bergamot, coriander
Rehorst (WI)- sweet basil, Wisconsin ginseng
Right (SWE)- grapefruit, white pepper
Smalls (OR)- cardamom, raspberry, star anise
Smooth Ambler (WV)- citrus, black pepper, stone fruit
St. George Rye (CA)- malty, caraway, peppercorn209 (CA)- Meyer lemon, coriander, cassia bark
Bond Streeet (OR)- lemon, cucumber, vanilla notes
Bristol Bay (AK)- full, subtle combination of spices
Damrak (NED)- blood orange, floral notes
Greenhook (NY)- lemon peel, elderflower, chamomile
Greylock (MA)- juniper heavy, citrus, crisp
Hayman’s Old Tom (ENG)- intense botanicals, sweet
Leopold’s SB(CO)- Valencia orange, pummelo
Tanqueray Malacca (ENG)- robust, lemon, grapefruit
Tanqueray Rangpur (ENG)- Rangpur limes, exoticBarr Hill (VT)- raw honey, juniper berry
Bombay Sapphire (ENG)- perfect blend of 10
Bombay Sapphire East (ENG)- lemongrass, pepper
Citadelle (FRA)- jasmine, honeysuckle, cinnamon
Darnley’s View (ENG)- elderflower, citrus, delicate
Dorothy Parker (NY)- elderberry, cinnamon, hibiscus
Ethereal (MA)- lemon peel, elderberry, rose hips
Ford’s (ENG)- jasmine, coriander, very complex
G-Vine Nouaison (FRA)- lavender, grape flowers
Hendricks (SCT)- soft, cucumber and rose petal
Half Moon (NY)- wheat & Hudson Valley apples
Nolet’s Silver (NED)- Turkish rose, peach, raspberry
Perry Tot’s (NY)- navy strength, elderberry, hibiscus
Ransom Dry (OR) - highly aromatic
Roundhouse (CO)- lavender, coriander, star anise
St. George Botanivore (CA)-angelica root, bay laurel
AgedBol’s Aged Genever (NED)- aged 18 months
Ethereal Barrel Aged (MA)- aged 3 months
Ransom Aged ’Old Tom’ (OR)- aged 3-6 months
Roundhouse Imperial (CO)- aged 6 months
Smooth Ambler Aged (WV)- aged 3 months
Chief Gowanas (NY) - aged 3 months

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