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“Local liquor aficionados and D.C. Council declare the Rickey as Washington’s native cocktail.” AP

At The Gin Joint, this classic cocktail of gin, fresh lime juice and club soda can be expirenced

in 40 different profiles. Cool Cheers!



broker’s & fever tree, citadelle & schweppes, 209 & fever tree bitter lemon 15


209- ST. HELENA, CA; meyer lemon, juniper

AVIATION – PORTLAND, OR; violet, lemon-try it in its namesake classic cocktail

BEEFEATER- LONDON, ENGLAND; classic london dry, juniper and coriander

BLUE COAT-PHILIDELPHIA, PA; small batch, citrus, white pepper

BOLS GENEVER-AMSTERDAM; the original dutch gin; malt wine, creamy mouth feel

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE- NORTHWEST, ENGLAND; a perfect blend of 10 botanicals

BOODLES-LONDON, ENGLAND; almonds and anise

BROKER’S-LONDON, ENGLAND; juniper and lemon peel

BULLDOG- LONDON, ENGLAND; Poppy, dragon’s eye, citrus

CATOCTIN CREEK-PURCEVILLE, VA; made from rye, grainey, a different breed

CITADELLE-FRANCE; complex floral layers, jasmine, honeysuckle, cinnamon

CITADELLE RESERVE-FRANCE; oak aged with the addition of iris, violet and spice

DAMRAK-AMSTERDAM; another dutch original, blood orange and floral notes

DEATH’S DOOR-WASHINGTON ISLAND, WI; soft notes of honey, melon, ginger

DH KRAHN-NEW YORK, NY; grapefruit, honeysuckle and almond

ethereal- BERKSHIRE, MA; Botanical    

G-VINE-FRANCE; from grapes, lavender, grape flowers, with a juniper kick

GENEVIEVE-SAN FRANCISCO, CA- with a grain mash of wheat, barley and rye

g-reylock BERKSHIRE, MA; juniper heavy, citrus, crisp

HAYMAN’S OLD TOM-ENGLAND; intense botanicals with a light sweetness

HENDRICKS-SCOTLAND; distilled with cucumber and rose petals, soft

JUNIPERO-SAN FRANCISCO, CA; bold baking spices

LEOPOLD’S-DENVER, CO; hibiscus, anise, lavender

MAGELLAN-FRANCE; a blue gin made from iris root

NEW AMSTERDAM-AMSTERDAM; juniper with sublte bluberry notes

OLD RAJ-SCOTLAND; saffron and orange peel

OLD RAJ RED-SCOTLAND; a lower proof version of the original flavors

OXLEY-ENGLAND; sweet citrus, light spice, juniper

PLYMOUTH-PLYMOUTH, England; a very dry gin of its very own class

PLYMOUTH SLOE GIN- PLYMOUTH, England; sloe berry flavored

RANSOM ‘OLD TOM GIN’-SHERIDAN, OR; an american classic on the gin that drowned england, smooth, sweet, malty

RIGHT-SWEDEN; grapefruit, white pepper

ROGUE SPRUCE-NEWPORT, OR; mint, olive, eucalyptus

ROGUE SPRUCE PINK-NEWPORT, OR; aged in pinot noir barrels, orange peel, oak, coriander

SMALLS-ASHLAND, OR; naturally farmed and widly-grown botanicals, intensely aromatic

TANQUERAY-ENGLAND; lime, pine, juniper

TANQUERAY RANGPUR-ENGLAND; rangpur limes, lime zest

TANQUERAY TEN-ENGLAND; smooth, oak, soft juniper, lime

TRU2 ORGANIC-MONROVIA, CA; bold, earthy botanicals, true brownish color

VOYAGER-WOODINVILLE, WA; bold juniper, light citrus, exotic spices


FEVER TREE- very dry, tons of quinine, best with drier gins

SCHWEPPES- dry, aromatic, best with medium gins

CANADA DRY- full bodied, citrus-y, best with richer gins

Q TONIC- peruvian quinine, organic agave



HOMEMADE TONIC #2- baking spices

HOMEMADE TONIC #3- lime and orange flower water

HOMEMADE TONIC #4- hibiscus

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