New Heights is a perennial, classy sight to behold anytime of year ….. especially in springtime when the lovely lines, colors and wood tones of the Babinga Bar & Gin Joint fold outside into the intimate, Patio-on-Calvert with its verdant, colorful plantings.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that open up the cozy Babinga Bar onto Calvert Street, the Patio and bar merge into a delightful meeting place for drinks and casual dining. The vista offers diners a mesmerizing visual oasis in the city: DC’s own resplendent Rock Creek Park, the lush Klingle Valley running beneath the art deco Taft Bridge, its historic corner lanterns lighting up Kalorama’s romantic, tapering cityscape.

Spring, summer and fall, delightful seasons for a beverage, a light meal and get-togethers at New Heights’ Patio-on-Calvert.





The Patio-on-Calvert, an urban oasis at New Heights

Late summer, early evening socializing on the Patio.

Just beautiful!

Steamed mussels are a big hit al fresco.

Patio-on-Calvert, where the city and Park meet.

The Patio and bar merge into one delightfully social space for casual dining and drinks.